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February 2021 COVID SURVEY

Class of '68--

Thanks to Karen Peddicord Jackson and Joan Langworthy Tomek for suggesting an updated 2021 COVID 19 Survey. Thanks to everyone in advance for responding!

Be well and stay safe!

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1)   Please tell us what City and State you live in and whether you are in a single-family residence, high-rise apartment building, etc.

2)   How has your life been impacted by the pandemic?

Do you go out to eat? Are you working from home? Do you travel? Do you social distance? Do you wear a mask? Are you seeing family?
3)   Have you had COVID 19?

4)   If you answered yes to Question 3, tell us about your experience and if anyone else in your family has had the virus.

5)   Since we are all "seniors" and are near the top of the list as vaccines come available, have you received your first shot?

6)   If YES to Question 5, have you received your second shot?

7)   Tell is about your experience in receiving the vaccine.

Where did you go--hospital, pharmacy, etc.
Was the process organized? How long did it take?
8)   Did you have any reaction to the vaccine?

9)   Doctors say that you will be protected from COVID 19 two weeks after you receive your second dose of the vaccine. How will your activities change at this point?

Will you gather with friends and family? Will you continue to wear a mask? Will you go to bars or out to dinner? Will you travel?
10)   If you have any other comments, please add them here!