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Jack Weyforth

August 28, 1939 – October 18, 2020

Overland Park, KS

John (Jack) Stuart Weyforth, 81, of Overland Park, KS passed away peacefully on October 18, 2020, after complications from surgery. He is survived by his wife Mary Ann, with whom he just celebrated 50 years of marriage; his daughter Katherine Vanlandingham (Andrew) and granddaughters Avery and Quinn; his daughter Carolyn Glanville (Mark) and granddaughter Charlotte; his siblings Frank Weyforth (Didi), Mimi Dawson (Rhett), Deborah McElvenney (Kevin), and countless nieces, nephews, family and friends that loved and respected him. 

Born in St. Louis, MO, Jack spent his youth in the St Louis area, attended St. Louis University High School and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Washington University where he was a member of Phi Delta Theta Fraternity. He was lured to Kansas City to coach swimming at Homestead Country Club and Southwest High school, where his team brought home a state championship in 1969. After earning his masters degree at the University of Kansas he worked at various companies including Southwestern Bell and Sprint, from where he retired after 20 years. 

Jack was a leader in the community, serving as School Board President in the Parkway School District in St. Louis and Shawnee Mission School District in Kansas City. This service drove him to also run for the United States Congress in 1980. A loving father, PawPaw, official and unofficial coach to countless swimmers – he loved taking part in a PFA (planned family activity), watching a good movie and gathering with friends.  

He spent summers in his beloved Chautauqua, IL where five generations of his family have enjoyed this special valley, and where next summer family and friends will celebrate his life.

Memorial Contributions
In honor and memory of Jack, please consider a donation to either the New Piasa Chautauqua Church (checks made to NPCCA) or the Chautauqua Historical Society Endowment Fund (checks made to CHS). Either donation can be mailed to: New Piasa Chautauqua, P.O. Box 207, Elsah, IL 62028.



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