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2020 Elections and COVID-19

Hi Class of '68! Hope everyone is doing well during these interesting times. With 17 days to go until the elections, David Hirtz has suggested a few questions for our next survey! 

The second part of the survey is about your response to the pandemic. Are you quarantining, wearing a mask, etc? 

Thanks for participating and please let us know if there are other questions you would like for us to add! Be safe and stay well!


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1)   Please name your top issue for the upcoming election.

2)   Will you be voting this election?

3)   How will you vote?

4)   How do you feel going into this election?

5)   When do you predict that we will know the results of this year's Presidential election?

6)   Who do you think will win the Presidential election?

7)   Now, on to the pandemic--are you social distancing and wearing a mask?

8)   How are you handling the pandemic? Are you quarantining in your primary residence or staying in a vacation home? Are you going out for dinner or having groceries delivered? Do you allow friends and family to come inside? If you own a business, how have you been effected? Tell us your response to COVID-19.

9)   Have you taken the COVID-19 Test?

10)   If you've tested positive, had the virus, have family and friends who have had COVID-19, please share your experiences.

11)   Any recommendations on what to binge-watch?

12)   Have you traveled for business or pleasure on a commercial airliner?

13)   What are you doing in your community to help others in need during the pandemic?

14)   This is the BIG 7-0 for most of us! How did you celebrate or plan to celebrate this milestone in the times of COVID?

15)   Are there other questions you would like for us to ask or any other comments you would like to make?