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In these uncertain times of racial injustice and COVID-19, many of you have reached out and it seems like you'd like to talk. In Kansas City, there is a proposal from the Parks Board to change the name of the JC Nichols Fountain to the Dream Fountain and JC Nichols Parkway to Martin Luther King Boulevard.

It seems as though we haven't come very far since 1968. We'd like to hear your thoughts and what you are doing to help!

And thanks to Liz McGinley for encouraging this discussion!

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1)   Do you believe that systemic racism exists?

2)   Redlining refers to the presumed practice of mortgage lenders of drawing red lines around portions of a map to indicate areas or neighborhoods in which they do not want to make loans. Redlining on a racial basis has been held by the courts to be an illegal practice. In 1968, were you aware of redlining?

3)   Growing up in Kansas City, diid you know that Homes Associations here, which were developed by JC Nichols, the Kroh Brothers and others, had covenants prohibiting people of color and Jews from living there?

4)   Recently, Mayor Quinton Lucas said, “No person accelerated white flight, redlining, and racial division in the Kansas City area more than J.C. Nichols,” Did you realize that in 1968?

5)   Do you think that Kansas City Parks and Rec should rename the JC Nichols Fountain 'The Dream Fountain' and JC Nichols Parkway, Martin Luther King Parkway?

6)   Any comments on Question 5?

7)   Are you supporting the Black Lives Matter Movement and how?

8)   What other questions or comments would you like to add?

9)   Do you support redefining the role of the police in American cities so that their primary function is one of policing rather than other activities (traffic control, social work, etc.) are done by other agencies?

10)   Do you have any additional comments on Question 10?