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5/7/2020 SURVEY #3: Questions you suggested

Hello Class of '68! Hope you are all healthy and safe during these challenging times! Many of you have responded to our surveys and have encouraged us to continue sending them so this is COVID 19 Survey #3. 

These questions were suggested by YOU, our survey-takers! Thanks to Pam Feingold, Cyndi Kaufman, Sally Wengrover, Jerry Meyer and Lonny Cohen for helping to put this survey together. If you have any other questions, please email them and we'll include them in another survey in the coming weeks.

Also, John Smith, a retired President at GM, had this to say regarding GM's retooling their equipment to increase PPE production. Please share your story about COVID19 and how it has impacted you, your company, or your industry. Thanks for sharing, John! 


GM does have some electronic component operations in house.  While many in-house component operations were spun off from GM in the early 90’s, these were things like axles, batteries, air conditioning systems, starter motors, brakes, etc. 

When GM was developing the Volt, and assessing the principal value-added in hybrid- and full-electric vehicles, it was decided to retainin house the battery pack (not the individual cells) and energy management software, the power electronics to handle the very high energy flows, and the electric motors. 

Fast forward to Covid, GM had capability available to redeploy to ventilators. . .clean room assembly space, some numerically-controlled tools, assembly and inspection systems that could be reconfigured. There are of course a LOT of engineers and purchasing folks in GM, who closed ranks with the ventilator manufacturer.  There prints, material specs for all parts, and assembly and test process were studied and adapted to what GM has in place in Kokomo and could quickly move from other locations, or acquire.

As for ventilator parts, existing suppliers of the ventilator company offered up what additional capacity that they could but they are small (think 30-40k pieces/ year), whereas GM’s vast supplier community had product and process capabilities in the millions/year. 

GM’s suppliers worked 24/7 to make the needed additional quantities of ventilator parts, which get shipped to Kokomo for assembly and final. test. 

One moral of the story. . .our country needs to retain the ability to make things!!  This was certainly true during WWII, and true again now. Were we to rely on other countries for the Covid-related supplies we are making for ourselves, the accumulated deaths would probably be double what they are.

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1)   Recently, we asked if you or one of your family members had been tested for Covid 19. We're just checking back with you to see if you want to update your answer.

2)   If you have a story you would like to share regarding Question 1, please share your comments here.

3)   Is it time for your community to open and get back to work? You will have an opportunity in the next question to tell us how you feel.

4)   How are you responding as businesses open? Will you hesitate or be the first in line to restaurants, retail stores, hair salons, and gyms or are you already participating in opening the economy?

5)   What is your community doing to honor healthcare workers?

6)   How soon will you travel, where will you go and how will you get there?

7)   What are your TOP-THREE outlets for receiving NEWS UPDATES?

Please be specific abut which television or radio stations, newspapers, etc.you listen to, watch or read.
8)   How do you identify politically?

9)   Should voters have the option of a mail-in ballot for the November, 2020 election and beyond?

10)   Is human-made, climate change a real phenomenon?

11)   Do you believe that there is a link between pandemic diseases and environmental degradation?

12)   Do you participate in any activities to minimize your carbon footprint, and/or are you a contributor to environmental causes?

13)   Would you be willing to participate in a survey devoted exclusively to climate change and environmental matters?

14)   June 16, 2020 Are you wearing masks when you go out?

15)   Any comments on wearing masks?

16)   How are you celebrating your 70th birthday or any other family b'days/anniversaries in the times of COVID-19?