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Our first attempt at a survey didn't work exactly as planned--let's try this again--

We would like to create an on-line memory book for our 50th reunion and the more participants we engage, the better it will be! What's even better is that you don't have to be attending the reunion to participate!

Fingers crossed that this time, it works like we're hoping it will, and if so, we might add a few more questions along the way--good luck and let's get started!

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* Answer Required
1)   What's on your bucket list?

2)   What part of the world do you long to see and why?

3)   What classmates are you missing most tonight (at the reunion) and why?

4)   What cities have you lived in since 1968 and please indicate your favorite.

5)   How many jobs have you held since 1968, what were they and which was your favorite?

6)   * Are you retired?

7)   What are you doing now, either work-wise or retirement-wise?

8)   How many times have you been married and how many years each time?

9)   Are your parents still alive? Is there a lesson you would like to share that you learned from them?

10)   Who was your favorite teacher and why?

11)   Tell us at least three things you would like for your family, classmates and friends to remember about you.

12)   Have you met any famous people?

13)   Do you have a unique experience you would like to share with us?

14)   Will you please go back to your profile page on our website and fill our the details for us?

We want to know about you!